night quote 4

from the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. 115

when i read this quote i think that it means that they don’t see them selves as a person anymore all they see is a body. They aren’t even really living anymore, they are just there. They are not living anymore, just a body nothing else.


night quote 3

“where are you, my god?”

i think this is so messed up because elie still thinks god is real through all of the pain he is going through. He is still praying to god to help him but nothing is happening, nothing is getting better, nothing. This just makes me so sad…

night reading joural

left, right, left, right pg 49

this is not really a quote but the Nazis were making the Jews march. Some of the Jews couldn’t march and when they messed up they got in to a lot of trouble. I thought that this was so wrong making all of them march and like shooting them if they messed up. I just think this is terrible.

Night Reading Jounral

1″The yellow star? so what its not lethal.” 11

2’The synagogues were no longer open. 10

3″ Hitler will not be able to harm us” 8

The Nazi made Jews wear a yellow star on their clothes so that everyone knew they were Jews. I thought this was so terrible I honestly don’t understand why they did this to these People. All the synagogues were closed down and I think this is just so bad because that is where the Jews worshiped their god. I just think its so bad that the Nazi closed these churches. I know for a fact that the Germans wouldn’t of liked it if Jews closed their churches. All the Jews thought that Hitler wouldn’t hurt them but they were lied to. This really upsets me as well.

TKAM- Mrs. Dubose

The person I have for my shoe project is Mrs. Dubose. I kind of thought she was going to be a nice old lady but no she is the meanest old lady that has ever lived. She is always mean to others and seems to only care about herself.

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Jem thinks Mrs. Dubose is a really bad person. I don’t blame him though because everyday Jem and Scout have to walk by her house and almost everyday Mrs. Dubose has something really mean to say about them. For example one day Scout said “Hey Mrs. Dubose” and her reply was “Don’t you say hey to me you ugly girl!” Or she would say “Not only a finch waiting on tables but one in the courthouse lawing for niggers” So I don’t blame them for not liking this lady. One day Jem was complaining about Mrs. Dubose to Atticus. And Atticus said “ Easy does it son she’s an old lady and she is ill”. Atticus actually admires Mrs. Dubose for the courage she has for what she is going through which is the addiction to morphine she is battling.

Mrs. Dubose lives alone except for a colored girl that is always taking care of her. She was very old, she spent most of each day in bed and the rest of it in a wheelchair. It was rumored that she kept a CSA pistol concealed among her numerous shawls and wraps.

Mrs. dubose is an elderly ill tempered racist woman who lives near the finches home. Jem and Scout think she is heartless because every time they walk by her house she always has something really mean to say to the two. Another word that can be used to describe Mrs. Dubose is racist because Jem and Scouts dad, Atticus is defending a colored man in the trial. Mrs. Dubose doesn’t think that it’s right that a white man is defending a colored man.

What I did with my shoes was I put pictures of Mrs. Dubose on them and on one of the pictures it shows when Mrs. Dubose passed away. Another thing I put on one of the shoes is a camellia bush because Mrs. Dubose those in her yard and she loved them very much. I also put a picture of the scene when Jem started hitting and knocking all of Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes buds down to the ground. Another picture I have on the shoe are mean faces to show that Mrs. Dubose was not the nicest person out there. And the last picture I have on the shoes is a Morphine bottle to show what Mrs. Dubose was addicted too.

Who I Am.

Well my name is Moira I kind of see myself as a talkative and shy person. I love talking I do it all the time, but only to my friends. I don’t really talk to other people in school that i’m not used to talking to. Like I have to be used to you in order to actually talk a lot. Like me and my best friend Shay talk so much, but that’s only because I am used to her being around and talking to me.

 I like to talk so much, like if I could just talk and do nothing else for the rest of my life i would. Talking just makes things way more easy for me. Like i’m not really sure why but it just does. I don’t feel myself if i’m not talking. But when i’m in a situation where i can’t talk it just kills me. For example when i’m with a group of new friends I wanna talk so much but i’m not to comfortable with those people yet so I just stay quiet. The friends i’m with normally end up asking me why i’m being so antisocial and I say I don’t know because I literally have no idea why. Sometimes I even don’t talk when i’m with people that i’m really used to being around. This is why I hate being shy, it sucks so much.

Here is how i’m shy, when someone asks me a question I normally say I don’t know because I feel like I’m going to get the answer wrong (even though sometimes I do know). Also when I walk into a room full of people I get this kind of weird feeling that i’m not really sure what to call. I am not really sure why I feel this way but I just say its because i’m shy.  Another reason why I know i’m shy is because I don’t like to really put my self out there I would much rather keep to myself then do something I have never done before. Or when i’m walking in the hall I try not to make eye contact with people so I don’t have to talk to them. Another way I know I am shy is I hate being around a lot of people I really hate it. Like when I go somewhere and theirs a whole lot of people I just wanna go home and stay in my room for 30 days.

Overall I really hate being shy and also wanting to talk all the time because it just doesn’t work out me. Like I love talking but can’t do it all the time because I don’t really like being around a lot of people. I would rather be alone then be with a whole lot of people. I know i’m really weird yes I know but I cant help it and i’m just going to have to deal with it until I get over this. This is who I am and I love who I am.







The Lost Generation..

I’ve been noticing  that no one really cares anymore its all about themselves and no one else. What has happened to us? I know at one point almost everyone cared and was good to others, but we have taken a turn for the worst. Its like we are all constantly fighting over who is better then the other or who has the best things or most money.

Another thing is when something really bad happens people tend to forget about the next day (not literately but you should know what i mean). We “forget” to say thank you to others. We take everything for granted, nothing is ever good enough. We always want, want, want no matter what. The people in this generation think they should just get everything handed to them without even working for it.

Everyone is mean to each other for no reason. Like if we just look at one another in the “wrong” way we get in fights. And when a person is actually nice the other person thinks they are flirting with them! Some people think they are cool because they are mean to others, they like other people will like them if they are mean. This makes no sense at all.

People are all “fake” and you cant trust anyone anymore. Most relationships can no longer form in the right way because people are cheating and lying to one another. Good friendships don’t really form anymore because you cant trust one another. One day they are your friend, the next day they are talking crap on you behind your back to someone they said they hated the day before. You cant even trust family members anymore!! Oh man I really hate how everything has became.

Something else that is getting out of hand with this generation is social media. Its like almost everyone is hiding behind a screen. Like when someone posts an opinion on something they disagree about someone else will comment something rude like they are dumb for posting that and that they should probably keep their opinions to themselves. And then fights break out, other people join in on the argument and it all turns into a giant mess. People are posting their personal lives on social media for everyone to see, which is not a good thing to do considering there are some weird people out there that could get that information. And that wouldn’t be good.

Whats even worse is we cant even love other races. All we do is hate on other races and we think its fine that we do this. I don’t think people are defined by their race its the person in general. People are so dumb. I mean not everyone is like this but right now the bad is over ruling the good. You know the phrase history repeats its self? Well its literally repeating its self in some ways.

Another thing that is out of hand is the whole Donald Trump becoming our new President. Many people hate him, good for you and many people love him, also good for you I could care less. But to the ones that are burning the flag and joining riots because you hate him really need to grow up. This really shows how small minded and messed up this society has really became. Yeah you may not like him but guess what he is our president and you need to respect that.

We leave way to much room for discrimination and very little for love. I honestly hope we all grow up someday and realize all the wrong that is going on…