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The Lost Generation..

I’ve been noticing  that no one really cares anymore its all about themselves and no one else. What has happened to us? I know at one point almost everyone cared and was good to others, but we have taken a turn for the worst. Its like we are all constantly fighting over who is better then the other or who has the best things or most money.

Another thing is when something really bad happens people tend to forget about the next day (not literately but you should know what i mean). We “forget” to say thank you to others. We take everything for granted, nothing is ever good enough. We always want, want, want no matter what. The people in this generation think they should just get everything handed to them without even working for it.

Everyone is mean to each other for no reason. Like if we just look at one another in the “wrong” way we get in fights. And when a person is actually nice the other person thinks they are flirting with them! Some people think they are cool because they are mean to others, they like other people will like them if they are mean. This makes no sense at all.

People are all “fake” and you cant trust anyone anymore. Most relationships can no longer form in the right way because people are cheating and lying to one another. Good friendships don’t really form anymore because you cant trust one another. One day they are your friend, the next day they are talking crap on you behind your back to someone they said they hated the day before. You cant even trust family members anymore!! Oh man I really hate how everything has became.

Something else that is getting out of hand with this generation is social media. Its like almost everyone is hiding behind a screen. Like when someone posts an opinion on something they disagree about someone else will comment something rude like they are dumb for posting that and that they should probably keep their opinions to themselves. And then fights break out, other people join in on the argument and it all turns into a giant mess. People are posting their personal lives on social media for everyone to see, which is not a good thing to do considering there are some weird people out there that could get that information. And that wouldn’t be good.

Whats even worse is we cant even love other races. All we do is hate on other races and we think its fine that we do this. I don’t think people are defined by their race its the person in general. People are so dumb. I mean not everyone is like this but right now the bad is over ruling the good. You know the phrase history repeats its self? Well its literally repeating its self in some ways.

Another thing that is out of hand is the whole Donald Trump becoming our new President. Many people hate him, good for you and many people love him, also good for you I could care less. But to the ones that are burning the flag and joining riots because you hate him really need to grow up. This really shows how small minded and messed up this society has really became. Yeah you may not like him but guess what he is our president and you need to respect that.

We leave way to much room for discrimination and very little for love. I honestly hope we all grow up someday and realize all the wrong that is going on…