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TKAM- Mrs. Dubose

The person I have for my shoe project is Mrs. Dubose. I kind of thought she was going to be a nice old lady but no she is the meanest old lady that has ever lived. She is always mean to others and seems to only care about herself.

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Jem thinks Mrs. Dubose is a really bad person. I don’t blame him though because everyday Jem and Scout have to walk by her house and almost everyday Mrs. Dubose has something really mean to say about them. For example one day Scout said “Hey Mrs. Dubose” and her reply was “Don’t you say hey to me you ugly girl!” Or she would say “Not only a finch waiting on tables but one in the courthouse lawing for niggers” So I don’t blame them for not liking this lady. One day Jem was complaining about Mrs. Dubose to Atticus. And Atticus said “ Easy does it son she’s an old lady and she is ill”. Atticus actually admires Mrs. Dubose for the courage she has for what she is going through which is the addiction to morphine she is battling.

Mrs. Dubose lives alone except for a colored girl that is always taking care of her. She was very old, she spent most of each day in bed and the rest of it in a wheelchair. It was rumored that she kept a CSA pistol concealed among her numerous shawls and wraps.

Mrs. dubose is an elderly ill tempered racist woman who lives near the finches home. Jem and Scout think she is heartless because every time they walk by her house she always has something really mean to say to the two. Another word that can be used to describe Mrs. Dubose is racist because Jem and Scouts dad, Atticus is defending a colored man in the trial. Mrs. Dubose doesn’t think that it’s right that a white man is defending a colored man.

What I did with my shoes was I put pictures of Mrs. Dubose on them and on one of the pictures it shows when Mrs. Dubose passed away. Another thing I put on one of the shoes is a camellia bush because Mrs. Dubose those in her yard and she loved them very much. I also put a picture of the scene when Jem started hitting and knocking all of Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes buds down to the ground. Another picture I have on the shoe are mean faces to show that Mrs. Dubose was not the nicest person out there. And the last picture I have on the shoes is a Morphine bottle to show what Mrs. Dubose was addicted too.